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​Storebrand ranked as the world's most sustainable insurance company

Storebrand is today ranked as the world's most sustainable insurance company, in the Global 100 index. The index also ranks Storebrand the most sustainable financial company in the Nordics.

Published 21.01.2020 by Storebrand

Odd Arild Grefstad G100
"This ranking encourages us to continue to improve and lead the way by providing the market with sustainable solutions", Odd Arild Grefstad says. Photo: Kristian Skalland Moen / Storebrand

– This ranking is an important recognition of our work and I am very proud that Storebrand is recognized as one of the leading players, says Odd Arild Grefstad, CEO of Storebrand ASA.

Best Nordic Financial Company

Global 100 is an annual index published by the Canadian financial magazine Corporate Knights. The index ranks the world's 100 most sustainable companies and the results are presented today, during the annual World Economic Forum in Davos.

Storebrand is ranked number one in the insurance category. This category is part of the main category financials, where Storebrand is ranked number three in the world – and number one in the Nordics. Storebrand is also ranked as the 13th most sustainable company in the world – across all sectors. Storebrand is the only Norwegian company on the list. 

Sustainable companies create good return

Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights, accentuates in a press release that sustainable corporate performance is consistent with equal or better returns for investors, and a greater corporate longevity.

– The Global 100 companies show that companies that put sustainability at their core outlast and outperform the competition, Heaps says.

– We integrate sustainability to our entire business model, including investments, product development and house management. This ranking encourages us to continue to improve and lead the way by providing the market with sustainable solutions, Grefstad concludes.

The results are published here.

About Corporate Knights: Corporate Knights is a Canadian financial magazine who also produces analyses and financial information. Since 2005, the company has annually presented the Global 100 list. This year, they have assessed more than 7000 companies, considering 21 different variables, ranking the 100 companies with the best score on these variables. 

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