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Published 24.01.2019 by Our Sustainable Investments Team

Increased focus on companies that address societal challenges

Systematically investing in solution-oriented companies should reduce the cost of capital for those that make the largest positive impact or have the greatest ability to adapt. For example, solution companies can contribute by producing new technology within renewable energy, energy efficiency improvements, recycling and green transport.

The winners of tomorrow will adapt current business models or adopt new ones that use resources more efficiently. Optimising the use of resources and applied technology is both financially profitable, but is also a long-term investment for value creation to continue over time.

We have the Nordic region’s most experienced sustainable investment team and our analysts specialise in everything from resource economics and consumption, to innovation and political regulation.

How we choose the most sustainable companies

As many of the world’s countries and companies work towards the realisation of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals, new market opportunities will arise towards 2030 and beyond. Therefore, investments in companies that follow these trends can both contribute to a positive change through sustainable value creation while also offering significant financial returns.

By investing in different solution companies in various sectors, small amounts can be invested in a wide range of companies that work with different methods of achieving a low emission society. Collectively, capital can then be invested in finance solutions that are beneficial to society. Our ambition is that 2% of assets under management shall be invested in solution companies in 2018, 3% in 2020 and 4% in 2025.

Historisk avkastning er ingen garanti for fremtidig avkastning. Fremtidig avkastning vil blant annet avhenge av markedsutviklingen, forvalters dyktighet, investeringsrisiko og kostnader ved forvaltning. Avkastningen kan bli negativ som følge av kursfall.