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Investment Europe: Storebrand commits to tobacco-free investments

Åsa Wallenberg, head of Funds at Storebrand Asset Management, representing the Storebrand Group at the signing ceremony said: “For Storebrand, divesting tobacco from all our funds and portfolios already in 2005 was a natural move. Tobacco is a lethal investment that has a profound negative effect on public health. By signing this pledge we would like urge others to do the same and thus contribute to a tobacco free world.”

Published 28.09.2018 by Jonathan Boyd, Investment Europe

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Historisk avkastning er ingen garanti for fremtidig avkastning. Fremtidig avkastning vil blant annet avhenge av markedsutviklingen, forvalters dyktighet, investeringsrisiko og kostnader ved forvaltning. Avkastningen kan bli negativ som følge av kursfall.