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Storebrand Global Multifactor LUX, Share Class A

Investment Objective 

Storebrand Global Multifactor is an equity fund that aims to achieve a long-term excess return by investing in global, well-developed stock markets. The fund is a model-based factor fund that tries to utilise well-documented risk premiums relating to the following factors: value, size, momentum and low volatility. The portfolio is neutral as regards sector and region, equally weighted as regards factors, and normally contains 300-400 large and medium-size companies that are included in the benchmark index.

Key Stats

ISIN LU1932676700
Inception Date 2019-06
Fund Benchmark MSCI World NR
Fund Manager Andreas Poole
Manager Start Date  2011-11-01
Currency EUR
Ongoing Charge 1,5 %
Other Available via Intermediary