Excluded Companies

The list of excluded companies contains an overview over companies that as of present date are excluded from Storebrands investments.

The grounds for such exclusions are based upon Storebrands own analysis of the companies with consideration of different criteria. The list of excluded companies has been prepared for the sole purpose of giving information about Storebrands investments. Storebrand wishes to share this information with our customers in order to be transparent with regard to how Storebrand manages its customers’ assets. External parties who wish to make use of, or refer to, Storebrands list of excluded companies in their own commercial business, are requested to contact Storebrand in advance for a commercial agreement.

Storebrand chooses the companies it wishes to invest in based on how they create value now and in a future sustainable economy. We use different strategies to create value for our customers through sustainable investments. Our main strategy is a sustainability analysis that applies to all the assets managed by Storebrand and to all asset classes. 

The companies we can invest in are analysed and ranked based on their level of sustainability, and Storebrand invests more in the most sustainable companies. These are companies that for instance, have more energy-efficient or climate-efficient operations or have a strategy for exploiting the potential in new consumer preferences. An example of how we use the sustainability analysis is the Storebrand Global Solution fund. The fund invests in companies that we believe are well positioned to solve the challenges related to the UN’s sustainability goals. Storebrand also offers customers a wide range of low carbon and fossil free products to reduce their climate risk.

The Storebrand Standard applies to all assets under management and stipulates that companies must meet strict criteria relating to human rights and international law, corruption, serious climate and environmental damage. Companies that does not meet our standard for sustainable investments are considered for exclusion. In addition companies that produce tobacco or controversial weapons (land mines, cluster munitions and nuclear weapons) are excluded. The exclusion process is very extensive. The analysis is based on both external data and the assessments of our experts in the area. The final decision to exclude a company is made by an investment committee whose members are selected from the Storebrand Group. The committee makes its decision based on an anonymous presentation of the company and the case. Some companies are placed on an observation list. Companies that are under observation will be closely monitored and engaged with based on our existing ownership, and we will maintain a close dialogue with the company where we inform them of our expectations of measures and results.

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Extended Exclusion List

The following exclusion list includes companies excluded according to the Storebrand Standard, as well as additional exclusions on criteria such as fossil fuel production, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment and weapons. The extended exclusion list applies to selected Storebrand Funds such as Storebrand Global ESG Plus and Storebrand Global Solutions.